Jennifer Bonney

Jennifer has been managing commercial and residential property since 1999.  After 20 years at the same company, in 2019 she took a chance on CDV5 to manage this new property management entity, and hasn’t looked back.   Jennifer is a passionate person, always striving to do the right thing, and loves to find ways to create success for her building owners and tenant partners.  She and her family have lived in Forest Hills for many years, and enjoy all that the area has to offer.  You may find them riding bikes around Ada, or boating on the Thornapple River.

Nick Schierbeek

Nick has been with CDV5 PM for a year. He has gained experience in the field of Property Management while closely working with CDV5 PM. He aims to make everyday life easier for his tenants and coworkers. Nick was born and raised in Grand Rapids and graduated with an associate’s degree in business from Grand Rapids Community College. Nick has a passion for basketball and water sports and you can find him enjoying West Michigan outdoors most weekends. 

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